Community Safety

Police - Babergh East Safer Neighbourhood Scheme                                               
The Chelmondiston team includes:
- PC 346 - Gary Austin
- PCSO 3092 - Joanne Adams
Contact the team on 101 (see below) or by e-mail.  Ask for the Officer you wish to speak to quoting their epaulette number

Details of current activities can be found on the Safer Neighbourhood website 


Suffolk Constabulary has introduced a new telephone number..... 101

The new number should be used to report issues which don’t require an emergency response. For example, people should ring 101 if:

  • their vehicle has been stolen; 
  • their property has been damaged; 
  • they suspect drug use or dealing; 
  • if they want to give the police information about crime in their area; or 
  • if they would like to speak to a local police officer. 

101 will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For a leaflet please click here.

Suffolk Constabulary has introduced a new telephone number for people who want to talk to the police about non-urgent issues.
Instead of ringing the current switchboard number of 01473 613500, people should dial 101.



Emergency Plan

The village has an Emergency Plan which complements the formal emergency services.  This plan is maintained by the Parish Council, but safety is the responsibility of EVERYONE in the village, whether resident or visitor, so please take time to familiarise yourself with the few simple recommeded actions on our website.  Thank you!