Local Government

The structure of local government in Suffolk is based on a three tier model with responsibility of council services split between them:

- Suffolk County Council covers the whole county and provides Suffolk County Council80% (cost) of services in areas such as, education, children's services and adult social care. 


Babergh District Council (the Chelmondiston parish is part of Berners Ward)
covers a smaller area and provides more local services such as, housing, local planning, waste and leisure.

Below the district level are the Town and Parish Councils whose responsibilities vary according to their size and their amenities.

Electoral Review of Babergh: Warding Arrangements

The Local Government Boundary Commission  opened a consultation, providing proposals for a new pattern of electoral wards for Babergh District Council.  The purpose is to deliver electoral equality for voters across Babergh District Council.  
The review will propose:

  • The total number of  councillors elected to the Council in the future.
  • the number  of Wards.
  • The number of  councillors representing each Ward.
  • Ward Boundaries.
  • Names of Wards.

Log onto www.lgbce.org.uk to find out more and how you can get involved.
The consultation ends on 14th August 2017.


Public Consultation Exercise 2012 - Feedback

- Parish Council  The Parish Council pages of this website discuss local government in more detail.

Chelmondiston comprises approximately 500 dwellings and a population of just over 1,000