Village Design Framework Consultation

June 2015  Update... 2nd Public Consultation

The Village Design Statement has had a name change!
It is now called The Village Design Framework (VDF). This was suggested by Babergh DC, as the scope of the draft copy was greater than was necessary for a Design Statement.

We are now having to conduct a 2nd public consultation. This consists of a very brief (A4) questionnaire, which is being delivered to each household. Please take the time to fill it out.  We NEED YOUR FEEDBACK in order for this document to be taken seriously by our planning authority.      

 Download the draft VDF here

2014 Public Consultation

You probably know that there has been a group working on a local Village Design Statement (VDS) under the umbrella of the Parish Council.  In order for us to be able to persuade the local Planning Authority to adopt our guidelines we have to demonstrate that this is a whole-community document and not just that views of a small minority.  It is therefore very important that we collect feedback from as many households as possible.