Committees and Working Groups

The Parish Council has established the following Committees and Working Groups:

Planning Committee: 

 See Planning page

Footpaths, Trees and Hedgerows Monitoring Group:

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On 1st July 2014 the Parish Council resolved to disband the Footpaths, Trees and Hedgerows Committee, as it only met 3 to 4 times a year. It was replaced by the Footpaths, Trees and Hedgerows Monitoring Group, which will report back to the Parish Council. The Group will share responsibility with the County Council for ensuring that the footpath network of the parish is maintained in a safe and usable condition.  The Group works with the landowners to keep paths open and the Parish Council employs volunteers to cut the grass on many of our paths, with monies granted by the County Council to carry out cutting work on their behalf, and with monies from the Parish Council's precept.  This enables the Parish Council to ensure that the paths are cut more often than would be the case with ever-reducing County funding.  As advised by the Group members, the Parish Council will organise repairs and re-surfacing when necessary.  In addition the Group will arrange planting and care of new hedgerows, maintain existing ones, and work in conjunction with the Parish Tree Wardens who are part of this Working Group.

Chairman: Cllr David Cordle
Members: Cllr Rosie Kirkup, Cllr Morley Stevens and Cllr Doug Barwick
Tree Wardens: Lee Foster and Keith Cooper

Village Development Framework (VDF) Working Group:

It was agreed at the 2016 May Annual meeting to disband the Committee, as the final draft document was with Babergh/MidSuffolk DCs for review. Any further alterations necessary would be taken to  Council

Click here for further information on the public consultation and the Draft Statement

The Parish Council also has representatives on the following Village Committees:

The Village Hall: Cllr C Keeble

The Playing Field: Cllr J Hawkins  [Cllr M Stevens, Cllr J Hawkins & Cllr D Barwick sit on the Playing Field Management Cttee] 

The Pin Mill Bay Community Interest Management Company: Cllr David Cordle resigned as a director of the Company (representing the Parish Council) in July 2016 (See June and July Minutes) 

SALC (Representative at Babergh Area meetings): Cllr Dot Cordle but open to all Members and the Clerk