The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) came into force in April 2010 through Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 and amended the Planning Act 2008 to enable local authorities in England & Wales to help deliver infrastructure support to the community.

As you might expect there are many circumstances that limit the payments of CIL with some developers being eligible for relief or exemption from it. However, broadly speaking it is due to new developments that create net additional floor space of 100 square meters or create new dwellings.

With work on the Foresters Arms Development having commenced, Chelmondiston Parish Council has received in April 2019, its whole portion of the CIL, £11,413.09 and we would welcome your comments below on how this CIL should be spent.

There are limits on spending this money which can be found in the guidelines

Click to view the Government guide to CIL and click to view the guidance notes from Babergh District Council.

                                                                           SUGGESTIONS FROM MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC

Cleaning of the War Memorial and restating the names of the fallen.

Willow tree planted on Pin Mill Common - in place of the one that was removed.

Fencing around the outdoor equipment for children and adults on the playing field.

Traffic Calming Measures - speed bumps Pin Mill Road

Double yellow lines - Pin Mill

Bus Shelter - Red Lion 

Re-surfacing of the Village Carpark

Community Officer - Pin Mill double yellow lines

Moving of the Bottle Banks

Your Parish Council will continue to monitor any new developments and ensure the collection of the CIL with its reinvestment within our collective community.



Could CIL money find a bus stop at the Red Lion?

~Tony Roberts

Dear Mr Roberts,

At the Parish Council meeting held on the 5th February 2019, it was agreed that there should be further investigation to find out if a bus shelter was wanted and would be used by the parishioners. This will be discussed at the March meeting.

Jill Davis

~Jill Davis