Notes from the meeting with the Woodlands Developers 23.1.19


My groups formal complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman is about to be adjudicated on in February, it is possible the Outline Planning Application 18-00236 could be considered unlawful in many respects and I would urge the Parish Council and Babergh DC to postpone any comment or decision on the Full Plans Application until the LG Ombudsman Final Report is issued as it may trigger a costly Revocation by BDC or others.

Similarly any comment or decision should be postponed until the Developer has given contractual reassurances Broadband speeds for the development and Western part of Chelmondiston will effectively be upgraded by Openreach and BT to achieve the same or better Broadband speeds as the Eastern half of Chelmondiston. E.g. 48mbs download and 8mbs upload.

Without such a Broadband contract by the developer it is inevitable the Western half of Chelmondiston (present only 8mbs download and 1mbs upload) will be much reduced and the new development too will be reduced to unacceptably low levels and well below OFCOM and Linden Homes Broadband target levels for Rural and new Developments.

~david martin

In addition to Mr David Martins comments regarding the Woodlands development I point out that this site is outside the existing village envelope. There is little point in having a designated village envelope if it can be altered without the residents and the Parish Council agreeing to such an alteration.
The proposed site is within the Peninsula AONB area that is protected by the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, this protects land to conserve and enhance its natural beauty. There is little point parliament passing these acts if they can be broken without consultation.

I would also concur with Mr Martin's concerns regarding the deplorable broadband speeds on the west side of Chelmondiston, anyone moving into this area would demand better services from Outreach and the BT. so far any such requests seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

There are rumours that others in Chelmondiston are interested in selling land and together with the Ganges site at Shotley and the already existing development in Holbrook this would increase the traffic flow on the already accident prone B1456 by a further minimum of 800 cars not including the inevitable service vehicles these develpoments will bring. In addition to this due to the poor bus services and the school runs that are considerable the B1456 should be improved for all traffic and cycles.

~Derek Smith

Aside from absolute outrage at the PRINCIPLE of any proposal to build on AONB land, there is that of practicality: most prominently the question of access, which – apparently – would have to be via the single entrance to Woodlands, immediately opposite the PRIMARY SCHOOL! During the building process, this would present an INTOLERABLE NUISANCE to existing residents of Woodlands as well as the school – not to mention a potential source of CONGESTION and DANGER to parents and children, due to a general increase in vehicular traffic in both the short and long term!

~Peter Humphreys

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