Things to Do

This section briefly summarises the main parish leisure facilities under 2 headings: Outdoor Activities and Organised Events.   Some suggestions for things to do Nearby (not necessarily in the Parish), are also given.

Outdoor Activities
There are many options for outdoor pusuits in the parish including those listed below.  The section of this website on Public Facilities covers most of these topics in more detail.

Sailing - the popular sailing waters of the River Orwell abut the parish, and Pin Mill provides moorings.  The Pin Mill Sailing Club welcomes resident and visiting yatchs alike.  There are several other sailing clubs and many moorings in the vicinity both on the peninsula and in Ipswich

Walking - the peninsula has a large network of paths and the parish has its fair share of these.  A popular local walk is in the National Trust area of the Plantation.

Bird Watching - the peninsula is sandwiched between the Orwell and Stour estuaries, which have international recognition as important overwintering grounds for wildfowl.  Additionally there are a number of important bird reserves within easy reach of the parish. 

Cycling - the area is very cycle-friendly with most roads being relatively traffic-free, and with a terrain that is relatively undemanding - although the wind is a constant factor that sometimes more than makes up for the lack of hills!

Painting & Sketching - Pin Mill is probably one of the most popular marine subjects for artists in the whole of England, and the quality of the light throughout the parish is an artist's dream.

Shooting - local shoots are organised periodically throught the winter.

Horse Riding - ideal for young children between 4 and 16 years, as the Hill Farm Equestrian Centre runs lots of child based activities

Nature Reserves - are gradually being developed

Organised Events
The parish has some 8-10 clubs & socities which organise events during the year  There are a considerable number more societies in neighbouring parishes.  Details of forthcoming events can be found on this website.

Nearby possibilities
For ideas on what to do a bit further afield in the local area - have a look at the websites listed below:

Enjoying the wonderful Suffolk Coastline -