Proposed Woodlands Development Plans 27-1-19


It is still my opinion that the access should be across the field to the south of the development and join with the main road.
I understand that the mains sewer will be pumped to the connection south of the pedestrian entrance of the playing field, if this is the case may i suggest the contractor use a pneumatic mole and not dig up the lane.

~stephen edevane

There are no details for plots 17 and 18 - please provide.

~Philip Evans

Thank you Mr Evans,

I have checked with the developers and they advise that plots 17 & 18 are the same as plots 15 & 16. They are expecting an updated set of plans in March and will forward to me to upload to this website.

I hope that answers the question that you had.

Jill Davis

~Jill Davis

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